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Erskine owes much of its success and longevity to alumni like you who have supported the institution through their prayers, talents, and financial gifts. As you visit the alumni site, we hope you will enjoy connecting with your alma mater and consider giving back to Erskine.

Ways to Get Involved

  1. Update your contact information to stay informed about the latest happenings at Erskine.
  2. Send us life updates. We want to hear from you! Tell us about your achievements and life events, such as marriages, births, job changes, and awards.
  3. Attend an alumni event near you. Erskine hosts alumni events both on campus and in other cities. In 2019, alumni attended “We Are Erskine” events in Charleston, SC; Charlotte, NC; Rock Hill, SC; Lake Wales, FL; Greenville, SC; Greenwood, SC; Clinton, SC; Columbia, SC; and Due West. We also hold an annual alumni day on campus.
  4. Attend homecoming! Each year, students and alumni enjoy festivities on campus. Events often include concerts, games for the family, and Fleet sports.

Ways to Give Back

Every student who attends Erskine is the beneficiary of generous people who have worked to ensure that opportunity. There are three main ways to give back to Erskine:

  1. Pray for Erskine. As you reflect on your own time in Due West, please remember to pray for our students and for the institution.
  2. Give of your time and talents. Maybe you have an interest in serving on the alumni board. Perhaps your business could offer internships to Erskine students. Maybe you have expertise you could share with students. If you want to give of your talents, let us know!
  3. Contribute financially. Many of Erskine’s alumni give sacrificially, and your generosity helps students reach their educational goals. Consider contributing to Erskine through the Erskine Fund or through your estate plans.

Enjoy your online visit, and be sure to plan an on-campus visit soon. You’re always welcome, and we’d love to see you. The buildings and the faces may have changed since you were a student, but the excellent classroom instruction and care for each student remain the same as the years pass.

We are Erskine!


PO Box 338
Due West, SC 29639


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