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Taylor Bush

Erskine College Class of 2017

Senior Accountant Executive at Sports Marketing Agency

My time at Erskine informed my life today because it helped me to cultivate my independence and strengthened my ability to learn from the people around me. I spent majority of my time at Erskine playing Soccer for ECWS, in the classrooms at Reid Hall and hanging out with friends in Bonner Dorms. After graduation, I was completely unsure of what I wanted to my career to look like until I realized my passion for events and sports specifically. I utlimately moved to Houston to work for a sports marketing agency, starting my career in sponsorship of College Athletics. Since then I’ve lived in Charlotte working on NASCAR sponsorships and now living in Atlanta executing Multicultural Sports sponsorships for Octagon Sports & Entertainment.

My reason for joining this alumni connection directory is so that college students know that a small school doesn’t limit your opportunities to do big things!


Location: Atlanta, GA

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