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B.S., Biology and Chemistry (’18)

PhD Candidate in Chemical, Physical, and Structural Biology

I graduated from Erksine College in 2018 with a dual degree in Biology and Chemistry. In addition to my course work, I was able to conduct independent research at Emory University, the Greenwood Genetics Center, and Erskine College and had the honor to present this research at 5 regional and national conferences. Outside of the class room, I was heavily involved in student life and campus organizations. While at Erskine I was on athletic scholarship with the soccer team and served as a Resident Assistant in the freshman men’s dorm, Vice President and Historian for the Euphemian Literary Society, Parliamentarian for the Student Government Association, Chair of the Judicial Council, and President of the Rock Climbing Club. In my senior year my contributions to the campus were recognized as I received the President’s Award and was inducted into the Circle of Leaders. In addition,

Following my graduation in 2018, I moved to Houston, TX to work as a research technician studying cancer biology and working for a cancer drug discovery research center. In 2021 I began my graduate degree in Biomedical Sciences at Baylor College of Medicine in their Chemical, Physical, and Structural Biology program.

I now serve as member of the Alumni Board for Erskine and would be glad to speak to any current students or alumni – feel free to reach out!

Telephone: 706 767 6708
Location: Houston, TX

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